I’m not a Pinterest mom, and that’s OK


This past weekend we had my oldest son Wyatt’s 5th birthday party. We had a blast and enjoyed having our friends over to celebrate, but in the planning I was confronted once again with a glaringly obvious fact. I am not a Pinterest mom.

There I said it. I let you into my imperfect world. Pinterest for me is a breeding ground for insecurity. It shows me pin after pin everything I am not.

I will never create a pin for DIY curtains or pillows because you know what? I don’t even sew.

I will never create pins for boys bedroom decor because we move every 18 months and my boys’ rooms look like this.


I bought the new bedspread for that bed 2 months ago and haven’t even put it on yet… sad, I know.

I will never create a pin about 10 ways to get your body ready for bathing suit season because I struggle with my own body in a bathing suit and haven’t quite figured out how to manage 4 boys and the gym 4-5 times a week.

I will never create pins about scrap booking, wall murals, etc because y’all, I can barely remember to take a picture much less put them in a book.

I will never create pins for craft projects of any kind because I hate to craft. I missed the artistic boat.

I will probably never create pins with amazing recipes because, while I am a pretty good cook, I rarely come up with the idea on my own. I have mastered the art of replicating others ideas (Pioneer Woman is my hero!).

But you know what? It is ok.

We live in a society that expects stay at home moms to look like pinterest moms. That if you are not “working” then you should have it all together at home. I think we as moms are the biggest part of the problem. We have allowed social media to feed us this lie that good moms are able to do all these things and if you can’t then your kids suffer. In reality we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all have the areas we excel and the areas where we struggle (or have little desire to excel).

I may not craft or make my own curtains, but I love to do our taxes and keep track of our finances. I am also shaping up to be a pretty good business woman.

I may not have scrapbooks filled with pictures, but I make a concerted effort to do fun things with my boys. I choose to be present instead of behind a camera.

I may not have a perfectly decorated home, but I open it up to serving our friends and family as much as possible.

I may not have a perfect body or feel super confident in a bathing suit, but I enjoy life and food. My husband loves me just the way that I am and I love and serve him well.

I may not paint or do crafts with my kids, but we spend hours outside doing other things. We swim. We jump on the trampoline. We play with friends.


I may not be a pinterest mom, but I am a child of God. He chose me to be mommy to these 4 amazing boys. He gave me my strengths and carries me in my weaknesses. He gives me a husband, church, friends, a homeschooling community, and so much more to fill in the gaps.

My sweet friend Jana gave Wyatt a paint set for his birthday. We have never owned paint. It scares me. She knows this but decided to give it anyways. When Paul told me about it he said “you are going to be thrilled with this one” , but you know what, I am. Because sometimes we need other types of moms in our lives to push us, to suggest new things, and to encourage us to leave our comfort zone.

Instead of seeing my pinterest board as a myriad of things I can’t do, maybe I should see it as a push to try new things. Instead of feeling inadequate, maybe I should feel encouraged that someone else has done the creative work for me and I can just copy them. Instead of dwelling on the things I don’t do, maybe I need to focus on doing the things I can do well.

God has a plan and purpose for my life. He has called me to be a mom. He has called us to homeschool. He has made me just the way that I am. Today I am deciding to focus on the things he has blessed me with instead of letting a bunch of pictures on the internet tell me I am not good enough.

And today, we paint!




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