Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils


I am so excited you are here to find out more about essential oils. They have been such a blessing in my family’s life and have radically changed the way we take care of our bodies. I found essential oils after my youngest son Townsend was born. I was desperate for better options and remembered my friend Wendy had been talking about Young Living essential oils and how wonderful they were for all sorts of things. I thought, why not. It can’t hurt anything, and so I went for it and ordered a kit. I began using the oils from my kit and found that so many worked well. How had I never tried these before?! How come every mommy (or person) doesn’t have these in her arsenal?! I knew I had to help others and introduce them to these life changing oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the life source (living cells) of plants distilled into oil form. They are what keeps living plants alive and work with our bodies to keep us healthy.

How do essential oils work?

I am not a scientist, but this is how I understand it in simple terms. Essential oils work by penetrating the cells in our body and cleaning our cell receptors of toxins. Once our cells are clean they then work to repair the cells and make them healthy again. This is why often times as you use oils you find you need less not more.

How do I get started?

In my opinion the best way to get started with essential oils is the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 11 oils (Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Panaway, Digize, Thieves, Purification, RC, Copaiba, and Stress Away), basically all the oils you need to cover your bases and get started, and a diffuser. The diffuser is such a wonderful tool and invaluable in my opinion. We use it everyday in our home.


I’ve got oils, now what?

Utilize the information on this site. Go here for basic instructions on how to use your oils. Ask me questions. If you got your oils through me, request to be added to our facebook group, which is a great place to learn, ask questions from a community of oil users, and read testimonies of how oils are changing people’s lives.