Ordering FAQ

Why do I have to offer my Social Security Number to buy oils?

I know it is a bit scary entering your SSN on the internet but Young Living is simply following the law. When you sign up as a wholesale member you have the option of selling oils at any point. If someone where to use your member number to sign up or buy oils at retail, Young Living would need a SSN on file for tax purposes. If you never sell anything, than your SSN is stored in an encrypted file and never used.

Am I committing to a monthly shipment with a wholesale membership?

No! Signing up for the Premium Starter kit has no monthly obligation. It is a one time purchase that gains you a 24% discount on all future purchases. If you decided you loved your oils and wanted to make a monthly order, Essential Rewards is a program that offers 10% back in free oil points for those that make a $50 purchase each month, but this is completely optional.

Is the kit price wholesale?

It is better than wholesale. If you broke down the value of the kit it is 37% cheaper than buying those products individually at wholesale.